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OEM/ODM Door Handle

With best materials selected, experienced workers operated, advanced Equipment used and strict manufacturing management and quality control. All of these are in place to produce top qualified products for you at competitive price. Goldtech provide professional OEM Support to clients around the Globe.
You are always welcomed to send your designs or samples to usbecause we are here to listen, to support with all resource we have, for accomplish various orders with high standard and quality. We understand the importance of quick turns, guaranteed quality, and commitment to service.
We can make our customer achieve their goals faster and more competitive.


ODM Service Door Hardware

With over 11 year of experiences in the Hardware industry, Goldtech has the capacity for offering excellent ODM solutions to customize their products.

From the concept stages of the project to production support Goldtech will make sure that all of the stages are under the best management to support our customers across the world. This service includes industrial design, Prototype Approval, Production, to meet every client’s requirements and minimize their cost on R&D and production.

At the beginning of the products design process, we listen and communicate with customers and provide technical advices: customized design and prototyping, mechanical engineering, and programming integrationFor Digital door opening solution. Goldtech is definitely a turnkey manufacturer focused on design and deliver concept into production. Furthermore, Goldtech has manufacturing center with developed assembly lines to accelerate productionalong with offering quality control, rigid inspection solutionssuch as life cycle testing and salt spray testing to guarantee product quality and shorten lead-time to marketplace .

Design, Delivery, Goldtech can be your best partner to make your Plan become Productivity and Profits.