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CAD in engineering means computer-aided design using a computer graphics system to develop mechanical, electrical/electronic, and architectural designs.


Engineering ability:

 2D: Auto CAD
 3D: Solid works
 CAM: computer-aided manufacturing
 Rapid Automated Prototyping


CAD technology is the foundation for a wide variety of engineering, design, drafting, analysis, and manufacturing activities.

Often a set of drawings initially developed in the design phase of a project is also used for analyzing and optimizing the design, creating mechanical drawings of parts and assemblies and for generating NC/CNC part programs that control machining operations. Formerly,after a component had been designed with CAD, the design was passed to a partprogrammer who developed a program for machining the components, either manually ordirectly on the computer (graphic) screen, but the process often required redefining andreentering part geometry. This procedure is often regarded as the CAM part of CAD/CAM, although CAM (for computer-aided manufacturing) has a much broader meaning and involves the computer in many other manufacturing activities such as factory simulation and planning analyses. Improvements in the speed and capability of computers, operating systems, and programs (including, but not limited to CAD) have simplified the process of integrating the manufacturing process and passing drawings (revised, modified, and translated,as necessary) through the design, analysis, simulation, and manufacturing stages.