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How to ensure quality of door plate

Views: 25     Author: Michelle     Publish Time: 2021-11-03      Origin: Site

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How to ensure quality of door plate

    Door plate is widely used for architectural hardware, some of them may be used as kick plate to protect the door not be damaged by force, while others will be assembled together with lever handle and door pull, to as a part of door hardware.

    The quality is quite important as most of them are used for commercial market.

    Traditional machining process of door plate process: People buy a big plate with nice surface and PVC film coating, then dividing the big plate into small plate according to the shape by stamping or laser cutting.

It is quite difficult to ensure all the small plates are well protected during the processing and not getting scratches, some time customers will find there will be some dents and scratches when they receiving the cargos.

    Goldtech's door plate will release all your concerns for quality issue as we carry out very strictly procedures to ensure the quality for Pull handle and Push plate, below are the strengths of Goldtech's door plate.

1.  Strictly Surface quality control

   For us we have flat plate grinding machines, all door plates will be grinded after machining, then we check each plate to ensure the surface quality before protective film coating.

2.  Studs are securely welded.

    Special-made welding machine to make sure all the thread studs welded properly to achieve enough torque strength.

    Normally a torque test of 7 Newton is enough for commercial project, but our torque test is up to 15 Newton, so please don't worry about the torque strength.

   For detailed info of our Pull Handle and Push Plate, please visit our website

Pull handle and push plate E102C+E102V-E2

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