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Glass Bathroom Handle Hardware Shower Glass Door Hinges

Solid brass 135 degree glass to glass shower door hinge
  • F102

  • Goldtech

Glass Bathroom Handle Hardware Shower Glass Door Hinges

          There are many options when it comes to shower door hinges. Depending on your needs, you can choose between brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze hinges. Hinges are essential to keep a glass shower door hinges in place. If the door isn't sturdy, it will be difficult to open and close.Hinged shower door are an attractive way to update your bathroom. 

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             Another type of shower door is a bi-fold. A bi-fold is a combination of a hinged and sliding shower door. During opening, the hinged side will slide towards the hinged side, while the handle side will fold flat against the hinged side. Bi-fold shower doors can be great for smaller shower openings, and are available in trackless and framed styles.

           Glass cabinet door hinges have different types of mechanisms.  Some are made for frameless glass doors, while others are made for doors with a frame.  Pivoting hinges, for example, are specifically designed to support more weight than butt hinges, making them an excellent choice for interior cabinetry.  These hinges can even be used for commercial settings.  Many different types of hinges are available from different manufacturers.

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